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  • I’ve created a blog with a “Delete Post” button on the front end (so a user who is logged-in may delete his own post from the blog page). See this topic:

    However, When the user deletes the last post, the blog disappears! I get an error, page not found.

    I’m also using TDOMF mini forms to post my submissions to the blog. I’m not sure if the TDO mini form is related to this problem?

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  • I just tested this on a 2nd blog that I’ve created, Same thing happens…
    After you delete the last post, the blog page is no longer found!!!

    Both of these blogs use a static page as home page. Hmmm.

    Please help!

    You need at least one post for things to work properly, which is why WordPress comes by default with one starter post.

    Is there a work-around so that I can delete ALL posts from my blog without the blog page disappearing??

    I’ve built a site for a client to sell used trucks on their blog page. They want to be able to delete ALL posts if they don’t have any trucks for sale. I really need to find a way!


    bump.. any ideas for a workaround to keep my blog live without posts in it?




    You should be able to edit your theme’s index.php so that you control the message that displays when no posts are found. Look for the “not found” text that you’re seeing when there are no posts, and edit that section.

    See the WordPress documentation on The Loop for more details.

    * Always a good idea to backup before you start editing. *

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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