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  • When I delete an image from wordpress it only deletes the main image file on the server. The three additional images created in various sizes (thumbnail, medium, large) remain on the server. This is causing storage bloat. How can I set WordPress to also remove the other size variations at the same time as the main image file when deleting an image?

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  • How are you ‘deleting’ these?

    1. media > library > check image to delete > bulk actions (delete permanantly) > apply
    2. while editing a page clicking the image icon to add an image and the “add media” thickbox appears > media libary tab > show > delete > continue

    is this standard behavior for wordpress 3.2.1? if not i’ll assume it’s interference from a plugin. or is it standard for wordpress to only delete the primary image and not the size variations? thanks.

    That is standard behavior as far as I have seen, yes. You can delete the others in batches via FTP.

    ok thanks. that’s kind of a disappointment. any ideas why the others aren’t deleted by default?


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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