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  • I uploaded new plugin version but in main plugin folder somehow exists trunk folder with previous version. How I can delete trunk folder ?

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    I think you have not familiar with plugin structure in

    Refer documentation to get knowledge about trunk folder.


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    I think I made by documentaion. I wanted to update to new version but svn cp trunk tags/1.1 not worked for me, so I svn add tags/* to add versions to tags, then svn cp trunk tags/1.1 and svn ci -m “tagging version 1.1”. But question was how to delete folder from SVN and not how to work with SVN. Now when I download my plugin from inside I have trunk folder and I need to remove this folder, I dont have this folder in local directory.

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    In documentation example
    $ svn cp trunk tags/1.1
    A tags\1.1

    But I have:
    $ svn cp trunk tags/1.1
    A tags\1.1\trunk
    And here where this folder was created, then I see this:

    Adding         tags\1.1\templates\pizza\components.php
    Adding         tags\1.1\templates\pizza\layers.php
    Adding         tags\1.1\templates\pizza\sides.php
    Adding         tags\1.1\trunk
    Replacing      tags\1.1\trunk\assets\css\admin.css
    Replacing      tags\1.1\trunk\assets\css\adminPizza.css
    Replacing      tags\1.1\trunk\assets\css\main.css
    Replacing      tags\1.1\trunk\assets\js\adminPizza.js

    where this trunk folder added to svn

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