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  • Just started using your plugin. Looks good so far except that where can I delete feeds that really don’t match my categorical intent. E.g., my site is devoted to Native American issues related to Tribal or Indian land and minerals, case law, congressional actions, etc. and I see one feed is a sports article involving the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins.

    My categories are Tribe, Indian, Native American, Tribal Land, Indian Land, Indian Law, Indian Casino, Tribal Casino, oil and gas.

    First, I need to know where to go to delete newsfeed items which appear on a page titled “News” on my site. The newsfeeds show up on on the site under that menu (http:/ but I on the actual page edit, it merely has the short code [wp_rss_multi_importer]. When I try to get specific short code, the link on your support page does not load the page and it appears to not be functioning at this time. Unless I am misunderstanding. I am trying to limit my feeds only to newsfeeds which are Native American related. I understand that it will capture even Native American articles not related to the land, but I am hoping that I can delete those feeds on the page so that I end up only with Native American articles meeting my categories specific.

    Any help would be appreciated and so far, this is the best RSS feed I have seen.

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  • Plugin Author Allen


    Hello…not sure I understand…to delete a feed, you simply go into the admin section, on the tab called RSS Feeds and delete the feed you don’t want. Am I missing something?

    Done. I just go into my posts and delete each individual post which is kind of tedious since the feed is capturing a lot of articles. Seems a little time consuming unless it can really key in on tags I am looking for. Possible? Because I have to follow several feeds to get good current feeds, i.e. Washington Post, the plugin is capturing multiple unrelated feeds. Where does tags come into play? Categories?

    Plugin Author Allen


    Tags are related directly to the category. the only way to handle this is to choose feeds that only have articles that you are interested in. Many feeds, like the general Washington Post feed, puts in all the articles in a general area (like, International), rather than a specific international company.

    I may add the ability to filter for keywords in some later version of the plugin, but in the meantime you’ll need to find feeds where the provider provides more specificity.

    Yes, I understand, I will maybe just continue to manually delete posts not pertinent to what I am looking for. How long until you may get around to adding that feature? It really is great in format, just not specific enough for the tags I’m looking for.

    Plugin Author Allen


    I’m not sure, there may be plugins out there that automatically scan for content and delete it, but otherwise it will need to be done manually. This is not a feature anybody else has asked for so it’s unlikely I’ll add that immediately.


    Another solution would be to run the original feed through Yahoo Pipes and then use the resulting feed (containing just the items related to your terms) on your blog:

    Pipes are a little complicated if you’re new to it but there are tutorials that can help you figure out how to filter a feed.

    (This won’t remove the existing posts on your blog but will stop any new ones being created that aren’t related to your specific terms)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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