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  • Hello,
    I need a help. When I use the detail list and use a search function to select some users base on some criteria, I try to tick them and I am trying to use a BULK DELETE function on a top left drop-down list , but when I do so, nothing is deleted, no sign, or notification. Can u pls tell me how to make this deleting to work? thanx.

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  • Plugin Author anmari


    Hi mvaginger,
    I just doublechecked on the demo site (running 3.7.1) and it performed as it usually does.

    Select users
    Scroll down, choose bulk action
    Click the “apply’ next to the bulk action

    The userids selected on that page get passed to the normal wordpress multi user delete screen.

    Click delete posts (or choose user …)

    Then Delete.

    WordPress then confirms in yellow box at top how many users deleted (wp thing not mine).

    If you click the ‘apply’ next to the per page this will just changed the per page settings and may look like nothing happens.

    You must choose delete else nothing will happen which you click.

    And of course depending on your settings, you may need to rebuild the cache for the report to update.

    Sorry my bad, I have WordPress 3.4.2
    I do what you say, but nothing happens. No deleting.
    Do you think I should re-install it and try again ?
    thanx for help

    the only error I get it this.
    Error creating csv directory /home/html/ Please check permissions”
    do you think its got something with this issue ? thanx.

    Plugin Author anmari


    Hi – it should not have any thing to do with that. That will prevent you being able to have public csv lists. Perhaps create the directory manually or allow folder creation in uploads (wp should be allowed to create folders… it does for uploads that are organised monthly etc, so that should not be failing).

    Does normal wp bulk delete work ? – ie select users from wp list and click bulk delete ?

    Possibly another plugin is interfering ? (because mine tries to pass the user list to the wordpress delete) TRy disabling any that interfere with admin screens. Or good debug would say disable all others, then slowly reactivate, chceking if it works at each step.

    Try refreshing both wp code

    Also I’m assuming you logged in as admin.

    Not much has changed in that area – used to work with earlier versions (actually quite simple code that area).

    I try and let you know, how it went. thanx for help.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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