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    My blog seems to take forever to intially load. It appears that there isn’t even any traffic to or from the website for the initial few seconds either. I’ve a few pictures and a flash video that I would imagine slow things down a tad but it takes ~6 seconds for the screen to show anything other than white when initially loading it. It’s not the server since other pages I have ( hosted on my account load almost instantly despite heavy bandwidth requirements.

    Any thoughts as to what could be slowing things down so much? Thanks in advance.

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  • What do you expect with pictures over 800KB on your main page???

    Guess you were right…

    Reduced it to display 10 instead of 15 posts and it increased load time a good amount.




    My blog is also loading VERY HARD (loaded fast so many months), almost timed out, this hapened yesterday, I didn’t do nothing, just noticed that it loads hard. I was thinking that there is something wrong with my ISP becaus also loaded hard that day. But today same problem, the admin section also loads slow.
    I have another web site hosted (loads very fast) and my blog is doesn’t load 🙁
    Any ideea what may be the problem?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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