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  1. rboatright
    Posted 10 years ago #

    using cat2email I can have an email sent when a post is PUBLISHED. But, that happens _as soon as the post is saved as published_ even if the timestamp is edited as "later"

    So, if I have stacked up a set of posts for the next 11 days, and they have timestamps which make them visible each night, never-the-less, the cat2email sends out the freaking email IMMEDIATELY as the post is saved. :-( This is "bad."

    So, the "edit the timestamp" isn't going to do what I need.

    The apparently logical thing to do is to use wp-cron to move them from draft to published status on-or-about the time I am looking to have them published, and "bingo" the silly thing should both appear in the blog AND be emailed out by cat2email. (I had foolishly hoped that private_to_public was an action hook that triggered when a post's timestamp passed, but no. :-( Having one of those would be cool.)

    The thing is, I can't figure out what call to make to publish those posts which are drafts, who's timestamp is before "now."

    Any wizards out there?

    -_ Rick

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