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    This is a great plugin. I’ve been searching and trying out slideshow plugins for weeks, and this is the only slideshow plugin I’ve found that loads the slideshow files only on the page that needs it. The more visits there are to non-slideshow pages, the greater the advantage there is in picking a slideshow plugin whose shortcode causes the plugin’s own files to load only on pages that really need it. For a large text-oriented site with only one slideshow page like mine is planned to be, this is essential.

    There is one significant glitch: working on a on a low-speed public Wifi connection in a library, Soliloquy Lite loads the first slide a few seconds after the rest of the page. I choose the optional loading icon, but the content jumps anyway! Evidently Soliloquy takes a few seconds to decide it does need to load its files on the page with the plugin shortcode. Depending on the variable strength of the low-speed public Wifi connection, the delay is sometimes long enough to allow a visitor to click out before realizing that there is a slideshow!

    You can see this problem at I did the text wrapping around the slideshow by putting this code in the text window:

    <div style="float: left; margin-right: 25px;">[soliloquy id="10"]</div>.

    The delay and the jumping occur even without the text wrapping, as you can see at You may have to use a slow public Wifi connection like I did to see what I mean.

    Will using the php code (if function_exists etc.) eliminate the delay in loading the first slide? If so, where in the theme do I put it to get a slider on the front page? I gave Soliloquy a beautiful box-shadow with my child theme CSS file, but I don’t understand PHP. I did some reading in the Codex, created a file front-page.php in my child theme, copied the contents of page.php into it and added the template tag you provided for Soliloquy, but this attempt made my front page a total blank. I would appreciate some pointers on how to use the template tag, or some other alternative to get the slideshow display to begin quicker. Even the free version should not have such a long delay after the page loads before the first slide.

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  • I checked “Outputs a loading icon while your slider loads to prevent content shifting” but this has no effect.

    I understand that “premium” service is given only to users who pay for it.

    Even so, any feature which is provided in the free version – like the loading icon – ought to be supported in the support forum. Before trying this plugin, I was very impressed that all posts were resolved. This post has NOT been resolved. Please answer my post even though I did not buy premium service.

    Plugin Author Thomas Griffin


    The paid version of the plugin uses dynamic ajax preloading, so only one image is loaded into the DOM on page load, which prevents that jump 99.9% of the time. Soliloquy Lite, while still very fast, is not as performant at the paid version, so that may happen on a slow connection. There isn’t anything I can do about that while still remaining responsive because you can’t set definitive dimensions to prevent the jumping. It has to be dynamically calculated once an image is loaded into the DOM.

    Thank you for answering.

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