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  • voiceav


    Hi All,

    I have two sites which I have built using the wordpress software, along with themes from, both are hosted by Once loaded both page run just fine, or at least as good as I expect them to run with the amount of work I’ve put into them.

    However, my problem is this: For both sites when I enter the URL the load time can be anywhere between 5 – 30 or even 60 seconds, on occasion the sites won’t load at all. This is very frustrating for me and is doubtlessly leading my customers to choose not to visit the respective site. I mean, delays online are the one thing we all despise.

    I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions to what might be coursing this. Is it likely to be my hosting service? Or possibly a mis-patch in my database?? Could the theme be slowing the site from loading? As mentioned, once loaded they run as well as I’d hoped they would.

    Any thoughts appreciated!! Try them yourselves: Would be great to know how long it takes your browser to load them. (holding page)

    Thanks in advance.

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