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  • Hi Pippin,

    I want a very simple way for clients to order and pay for digital .pdf reports. However, since we create the reports manually I need to be able to delay the download until the report is ready, then provide them with the link to the read/view/download.

    Is there a way to delay downloads until I have the digital product ready?



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  • Plugin Contributor Andrew Munro


    HI David,

    How about simply not publishing the download until the report is ready? Ie keep it a draft?

    Otherwise if you want to control it via dates you could use this plugin

    “Purchase Limits also allows you to limit the dates Downloads are available to be purchased by setting a start and/or end date.”

    Hi Sumobi,

    Thanks for the good suggestions. So, I can still sell and recieve payment for the item, even if its in draft?

    I like the sound of available dates also. I will look in to it.


    Plugin Contributor Andrew Munro


    Sorry no when it’s draft it will not show on your site. Sounds like you only want the download to appear when it’s ready.

    Oh even better solution, use my EDD Coming Soon plugin

    This will allow you to keep the download live, but prevent it from being purchased. You can also set the text. When you are ready, simply uncheck the box on the download and it will be available for purchase. What do you think?

    Thanks Sumobi.

    Unfortunately that will not work for me. I need a system where people order the report they want and pay for it. Then, when its ready, they can have access to be able to download it from our site.

    I do not want ot be preapring reports that may not be bought as they are specific reoprts tailored to each persons situation.

    Your Plugin seems to prevent payment and purchase until the product is ready, but that is what I need.

    If you have any other ideas, please let me know.


    Plugin Contributor Andrew Munro


    Thanks for the clarification David. Unfortunately we don’t have a plugin that can do something like this at the point in time.

    We have a feature requests forum where you are more than welcome to submit an idea for a plugin.

    If each download will have it’s own custom report associated with it (this is how the user can download it from their history) then it sounds like you need some sort of system that functions like this:

    1. you advertise the download on your website
    2. the user purchases the download
    3. the download is then removed from the front-end of the website and assigned to customer that bought it
    4. a new download is generated on the website ready for the next customer to purchase.
    5. When you have finished the report, you go to your download list, find the download that was purchased by the customer, and attach your report as a downloadable file.
    6. The customer is emailed a link to the download and can access this report in their history.

    Perhaps there’s a better way to do this but that makes sense to me.

    Thansk so much for the support. I am enjoying going through your plugin settings and seeing what is possible.

    Basically, the same report (in this case a page speed analysis report) can be ordered by anyone.

    The differentiating factor is the website they want tested…. which leads me to my final question:

    Is there a way to add a field in the check out to where they can enter their website address or any “customer notes”?

    This would be perfect for me.


    Very encouraged to see all the addons too, especially Mail Poet!


    Plugin Contributor Andrew Munro


    Hi David,

    Great to hear! EDD is very flexible in terms of what you can do with it.

    Because each report will be tailored to the customer, and because you’ll need to attach this report to their purchase/download history, each report will need to be a new download.

    The easier option is to have 1 download for everyone, place a custom field on the checkout with there website url (see below) and then you email the customer with your PDF once it’s finished. The customer will still see that they purchased a report in their download/purchase history but will not be able to “download” it, because you emailed it to them.

    You can add fields to the checkout page through code as shown here:

    If that is a bit daunting, we’re releasing a plugin this month that will allow you to add a new field with the click of a button.

    Thanks. The plugin sounds ideal. So, (Correct me if I am wrong) this essenially means displaying an empty product – is there a setting that gives me the option to email the report and not show a download link?

    Plugin Contributor Andrew Munro


    Apologies for the delay. Here is the new checkout fields manager plugin we have just released:

    Yes, I guess the download is essentially empty/generic for everyone. It would only be the field at checkout that gives you the info you require (url).

    There’s no setting to email the report as that will be completely custom. It’s entirely possible though, but you’d need to get it developed.

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