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  • I have a page on my blog which displays content generated by a php script. The php code is executed via the ‘Shortcode Exec PHP’-plugin. The script basically retrieves content from a website via curl, modifies the layout and displays the result on my wordpress page (here: – the table is the content which is retrieved by curl).

    What I want to do now is offering some kind of subscription service which delivers the content (actually the table) to subscribers once a day via email. The problem what I have is that there seems to be no way to get the shortcode generated by the ‘Shortcode Exec PHP’-plugin into any newsletter plugin. The next thing is that, as I didn’t get the shortcode to work yet, I don’t know if the whole idea whould work because the php script is retrieving the content from the external website everytime it’s beeing executed. So no caching on the server or anything else.

    I’d be glad if somebody could at least help me out with directing me to a newsletter plugin which allows the use of shortcodes in the email body.

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