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    The free version is useful for individuals to keep track of their contacts and subscribers, but there is not nearly enough functionality to support any serious business. I purchased Jetpack Pro and built an entire site around it before realising how limited it is in terms of functionality. What good are custom fields if they can’t easily integrate with other common plugins? What good is the ability to ‘sort’ the contact list if it arranges the records into entirely random alphabetical order? In the end I had to buy a new CRM and rebuild the website. It was a nightmare and a huge waste of money. It cost me over $4K to rebuild. Does not live up to the hype.

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  • Plugin Support Stef (a11n)


    Hi there, @missvlikes,

    I am sorry to hear you’re not happy with our CRM and that you invested time and money in something you eventually were not pleased with.

    If you still want to give our CRM another try, we’re happy to know more about the integration you had in mind with custom fields. What kind of custom fields are you referring to? Ie contacts, companies, invoices etc

    Also, what sort of integration with other plugins would you have liked to see? We have integrations with other software, and the way data like custom fields work together with them mostly depends on use cases and desired outcomes.

    I also don’t understand the issue related to the contact list’s alphabetical order: we do indeed have this option for our contact list, but I don’t get the ‘random’ element in your case.

    I checked our records, and I don’t seem to see any support requests coming from your account (but I might be wrong!), which is a shame because maybe we could have helped!

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