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  • Here is my current situation.

    In 2011 someone built me a custon site for It was hosted on Godaddy. It functioned well until I felt is was time to upgrade.

    This time I decided I would create the theme offline.

    I used WAMP localhost on my laptop to design the site. This process went along smoothly and I have the site functioning well on that. Now when I attempted to follow online step-by-step instructions on how to upload it all and replace with the new database it completely fell apart.

    So I deleted everything from the directory went into my hosting account and deleted wordpress and the database. I reinstalled the newest version of WordPress to I then tried to access the “Guided Transfer” in the store out of frustration. When I went to select the service on two different computers it will not allow me to choose the otpion. I click the button and it doesn’t redirect anywhere.

    So now I have loaded the original downloaded .zip theme through the wordpress dashboard which made the theme available but empt and none of the widgets are in place. I replaced the folders and the widgets showed up in the dashboard. Once that happened I activated them but nothing changed on the site. It shows no changes….

    I could really use some help. I really want to just pay gor the guided transfer but that won’t even work in my dashboard.


    Please help. I’ll send you unicorns with grenade launchers that shoots kittens.

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  • esmi


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    Have you tried reviewing Moving_WordPress?

    Esmi thanks for the response. I am looking it over now and from what I have grasped I was doing this but somehow made a mistake in the transfer.

    I exported posts and pages from the localhost version of the new site and once I had the base theme installed on imported them. This put mostly everything into place but of course most images are linked to localhost so I have been changing those to the right directory and it seems to be working. Luckily there wasn’t a huge amount of info on the old site to go through.

    I will attempt to read these instructions again and see what I overlooked. Thank you!



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    Ah! It’s an issue with your images! As your locally hosted site isn’t publically accessible, you will never be able to import images into the public site using Tools -> Import. You will have to actually move the database.

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