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  • Jeremy Clark



    We don’t care about content here so what is it you would like us to do with this link. You haven’t done anything to the theme your using.

    lol.. I thought this was the place you can “strut your stuff”? So I’m not allowed to post my link so people can visit my blog? Oh wow.. what a warm welcome from you there, Mr. Moderator.

    Jeremy Clark



    You can post a link it’s just we don’t review, hence care about, content.


    I didn’t ask anyone to review anything. I was simply posting my WordPress for people to see, like it says “YOUR WORDPRESS, STRUT YOUR STUFF.’

    anyway… my goodness… very hostile here. I feel almost sorry for posting in the first place.

    @ladyOfdarkness Sorry to rain on your parade (I feel sorry for making you feel unwelcome here!!), but the sticky topic on this forum (here) says this:

    This section of the Forums are reserved exclusively for “blog show”.
    You can ask for opinions about your customizations, your own theme and other technical achievements. (Comments on content are discouraged!)


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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