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  • Hello guys,

    My blog articles are classified in more than one category. But one seems to be randomly chosen as main, influencing the main URL of the article. I would like to be able to define a main category to get the URL I wish.

    Any idea, avice?

    PS. I’ve found the plugin-in that does exactly that, but it only considers main categories and not sub-categories. I’m wondering if there’s an option I missed inside WordPress?

    PS2. Every category has an icon assigned on the map, based on that main category.

    See it live:
    Tamnan Folk gets into live-music, but I would prefer local-venue. That would give the venue the correct icon to display on the map.

    Many thanks in advance.

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  • ‘m not sure I understand you’re question completely, but here are a couple things to check.

    Settings–>Writing. There you can choose the default post category.

    Secondly, in your example url above…are all your categories main level or do you have subcategories?

    Thank you for your reply!
    I’ll try to make it more clear.

    Every article fits in several categories. For example, a venue with live bands, local food and vegetarian food will fit under 3 sub-categories: live-music, local-venue, vegetarian.
    Thos 3 sub-categories are also automatically placed into two different main categories:
    – live-music is children of ‘nightlife’
    – local-venue & vegetarian are children of ‘eating out’

    WordPress seems to randomly assign the main one to the venue.
    Ie. that venue could be in eating-out/vegetarian.
    Although that venue is really more a live music thing than a vegetarian thing, it gets that ‘vegetarian’ in the URL, which influences the SEO a lot, and changes the icon of the place to vegetarian also.

    so wait, i don’t see how to specify a main category

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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