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  • Resolved dekket


    Is there a way to define both the templates as well as all the settings for certain notifications, in my theme instead of the plugin settings?

    I’d like to add 5 notifications with their respective templates and settings ‘statically’ so to speak. The reason for this, is that I have a multisite where these notifications need to be the same across the network. And since the entire network apart from the main site is using the same theme, I that would make the most sense.

    However, perhaps the multisite add-on would help in this regard?

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  • Plugin Author bnfw


    Hi @dekket,
    Thanks for your message.

    There’s no way to do this ‘programatically’ as such but you can create your notifications manually for one site, then use the WordPress Exporter to export the notifications so that you can import them to your other sites.

    Hope this helps.

    @bnfw unfortunately, since this multisite will be expanding rapidly and there’s already a 40-step process in cloning a new one and changing everything that needs changing, adding an import-step to it would be problematic :-/

    Also, as far as I could see, the export functionality isn’t officially supported?

    Plugin Author bnfw


    Hi @dekket,
    If you want to automate the import process, you could set the import process up programmatically using something like WP-CLI.

    The import/export process has now been tried and tested so I’ll update the documentation page on the BNFW website to reflect this.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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