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  • In all examples that I’ve seen about the new custom taxonomy in WP 3.0, they all put the code for custom taxonomy in the themes function.php. But what if I decide to switch theme after a while?? Wouldn’t it be better to define the custom taxonomy in a plugin? Why using the theme?

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  • so wherever it says in the instructions to put the code into functions.php file, you can just create a plugin for it. example, to create a plugin you just create a file in your plugins folder called mycustomtaxonomy.php and in that file you put….

    Plugin Name: Custom Taxonomy Plugin
    Plugin URI:
    Description: Shows my custom taxonomy
    Author: WordPress
    Version: 1
    Author URI:
    // put custom taxonomy code below here
    // this is just the example from:
    function people_init() {
      // create a new taxonomy
          'label' => __('People'),
          'sort' => true,
          'args' => array('orderby' => 'term_order'),
          'rewrite' => array('slug' => 'person'),
    add_action( 'init', 'people_init' );

    Then all you do is enable the plugin and there ya go, it will always be there no matter you change themes or not.

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