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  • It would be amazing to be able to define a class for the staff-members created by [staff_loop] based on an argument or shortcode.

    For example [staff_loop class=”group”] would create divs with class=”staff-member even group-name”. This would make it easier to manipulate groups of entries with pure CSS.

    The specific use-case I’m thinking about is being able to hide/filter staff members by group after the page has loaded, but I can see a few other use-cases for it as well.

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  • So after poking around there is already some support for this, but it is NOT dynamic.

    [simple-staff-list wrap_class=”YOUR TEXT”] will add a “YOUR TEXT” class but you cannot use short codes such as [staff-name-slug], nor is there a short code for the staff group.

    It may be possible to make several short code declarations as a work around:

    [simple-staff-list group=”group1″ wrap_class=”group1″]

    [simple-staff-list group=”group2″ wrap_class=”group2″]

    But I think this may break up the ordering and possibly mess with the page formatting.

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