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  1. Gerard70
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hey Folks,

    I thought it was me but have been trying to work through the issues methodically to make sure I have not missed anything. So I have checked and reinstalled all the files several times but am still getting the bug.

    Basically, when I go to log into the admin the first time, it drops me into a blank page dashboard. Going back to the main url I can access the dashboard no probs via an 'edit post' or 'admin' link in the meta links. Once I have logged in once, I can't recreate the issue until I log out, close the browser window and open a new one and go to login again, in which case I get the blank page issue again.

    Any ideas? While I can obviously work around it, it would be nicer for it to work right.

    Other than this and a Categories problem 2.5 seems to be working just fine.

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