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  • I’ve got WP-OpenID 3.0 installed. It does work, but I have to disable the following plugins to allow comments from OpenID users:

    • Bad Behavior
    • Defensio

    I’ve read the previous remarks about Bad Behavior, so I’m assuming there are similar issues involving Defensio.

    I just tested with Akismet, and commenting works fine. For now, I’ll use Akismet.

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  • I contacted the authors of Defensio to let them know about the changes in 3.0. They said they were committed to making the plugins work together, but that they weren’t sure when they’d get around to it.

    I contacted the author of Bad Behavior this week to talk about some of the problems its having with wp-openid 3.0. He responded very quickly saying that he would likely turn of the checks that are causing problems for now, and cut a new release very soon.

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