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    Since installing Defender my Site Health screen consistently shows a message “The scheduled event, wdf_maybe_send_report, failed to run. Your site still works, but this may indicate that scheduling posts or automated updates may not work as intended.” and while I know I can safely ignore it, I don’t think it should be happening in the first place. How can I get rid of this message?

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  • Plugin Support Patrick – WPMU DEV Support


    Hi @heafnerj

    I hope you are doing well.

    Could you please install the WP cron plugin and check if you can find the wdf_maybe_send_report cron and check if it is running as expected?

    Let us know the result you got.
    Best Regards
    Patrick Freitas

    Thread Starter heafnerj


    I installed WP Crontrol and saw the job but couldn’t tell whether or not it was running. Too much trouble. I deleted Defender and all is back to normal. I’ll try a different plugin.

    Plugin Support Patrick – WPMU DEV Support


    Hi @heafnerj

    Sorry to hear you won’t keep using Defender,

    In case the cronjob is located, you can take a screenshot of wp cron plugin, upload it and share it so we can check if it is working as expected.

    Feel free to ping us any time in the future if you would like to troubleshoot it or give Defender another try.

    Best Regards
    Patrick Freitas

    Hi @heafnerj and @wpmudevsupport12
    I’m having the exact same problem with Defender…
    Cron events shows:
    arguments: none
    action: WP_Defender\Controller\Notification->report_sender()

    Do you know how can I fix this?
    A big thank you from a noob,

    Plugin Support Kasia – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello @reptilians ,

    As per the forum guide please open a separate ticket for the problem with Defender on your site.

    kind regards,

    Thread Starter heafnerj


    You’re wasting your time. They’ll ask you to go through many steps and then won’t acknowledge, much less fix, the problem. Delete it and find a new plugin.

    @heafnerj @reptilians
    I’d like to add a quick comment here: It’s quite possible that this symptom occurs only in some WordPress installations, and in that case we may be talking about a conflict with some other plugin, some security functions on server level, or something else. Thus – in order to figure out, one would need to do troubleshooting.
    And if you mix several users’ troubleshooting in one thread, then things may become quite hard to follow, especially since the root cause may be totally different conflicts for different users, even if they see the same symptom.

    EditAdd: And, of course: In order to code a fix for a problem, any developer first needs to be able to reproduce the problem themselves.

    Plugin Support Adam – WPMU DEV Support


    Hi @heafnerj

    I’m really sorry that you’re experiencing issues. I understand your frustration but in all fairness – we’ve never said there is no problem and never denied it. We are keen to help you solve it and we’ll be ore than happy to do this but, as already explained above (thank you @tobifjellner for chiming in), we first need to determine how to replicate it and what is causing it. It’s also (like in this case) very common that a given issue is specific to either particular site or at least some “type” of configuration.

    Whatever we ask for/about, the goal is always to:
    – understand what is happening as closely as possible
    – narrow down possible reasons
    – find a way to replicate it
    – and, ultimately, identify the cause so we could fix it.

    Sometimes it takes less, sometimes more steps but we’re all here to help. If you ever decide to give it another spin, we’ll be happy to assist you.

    Kind regards,

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