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    On the blogs running on IIS there is a defect that prevents the user from viewing pages, images correctly.

    e.g. Enter Dashboard, View all pages,

    When you try to move to the next page by pressing the arrow or “2” icon it takes the user to the list of posts (RATHER THAN PAGE2 OF THE PAGES


    I’m viewing the list of pages

    I then click “go to the next page button “›””

    I then get sent to this URL which is the list of POSTS

    This is also not related to just one blog it happens on all blogs.

    The issue is that the users of the blog cannot navigate to Page2 of the Blogs pages

    Also if you enter anything into the search pages box – it just nvaigates you to the list of posts again…very frustrating

    Welcome some help / thoughts on this

    Many thanks

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  • That link should be

    I’m not convinced this is an IIS issue though. Did you do the normal, switch themes to twenty eleven, disable all plugins, etc?

    If you’re filtering the query and not doing it right somewhere you can change the query parameters in admin as well which might explain why you’re getting the wrong link being generated.



    Hi Ryan

    I turned off all themes and diasaled all plugins and it still occurs.

    I have some other sites using rougly same themes etc. Studiopress / genesis as well as other themes and they all run on same iis server and have the same issue.

    The trouble is that you cannot get onto page 2 for any lists e.g. media, pages, events or whatnot.

    This particular site is one i did pro bono for a school and they have lots of pages etc and the headmistress is not techy enough to change the query parameters each time she needs to move to page 2.

    site is here if it helps, many thanks




    Please can anyone provide a solution / ideas for this.

    I’m sure it’s a defect relating to WordPress on IIS


    I guess the simplest way to troubleshoot IIS at this point is to make a backup w/ something like BackupBuddy and import it on an Apache web server and see if it happens.




    I have another site running the almost same config on Linux and these are the URL’s I get when navigating to Page2 of the list of pages (e.g. it works)

    On the install on the IIS server this is what I get when navigating to Page2 of the Page list

    (URL is gives me in tool tip link is

    Resultant URL = List of POSTS not PAGES

    It must be an IIS defect?

    Any thoughts please folks?

    I can only help as much as you’re willing to troubleshoot. You’ve only repeatedly explained the problem you’re having so I’m pretty much at the end of what I can help with.

    The query vars are what changes what next link gets generated. Either something is being lost from them, or something is changing them. This can be IIS or other erroneous code that’s changing the vars as the page is being loaded causing it to return a link back to posts, and not page 2, etc of “pages”

    You can say you have almost the same setup on Apache is not the same as testing that *actual* install on Apache. That’s the only way to rule in that it is in fact an IIS issue and not something else.

    I have another site running the almost same config

    Almost the same but not identical, yes?



    Hi Esmi,

    Yes, the other site is not identical but runs the same theme, set of plugins but is on an apache not iis server.

    Grateful for any help,


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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