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  • Hi,

    I solved this issue now, but it’s worth reporting because I lost a few sales because of it, until a customer told me they couldn’t pay with credit card.

    Basically I updated to paymill 1.12, and for some reason the webhook wasn’t working anymore. So I deleted it from paymill merchant center, and I created a new one from your plugin by inserting the api keys again and saving changes.

    Everything seemed fine, but the newly created webhook only had subscription events created by default. I didn’t notice it, but customers couldn’t buy using their credit cards. I had to go to the merchant center and activate all events for the webhook, and now it works fine! I tested again and I confirm that new webhooks created by your plugin only have subscription events created.

    Thank you for your help,


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  • Well,

    after making a test payment, 3d-secure now fails with a generic “problem with credit card data” error.. I’m trying to revert to version 1.06

    reverted to 1.06 and now 3d secure works again. I had a customer reporting he couldn’t buy with 3d secure, so I tested on my side and saw the “problem with credit card data” error. Then I reverted to version 1.06, and now 3D secure works again and I could buy an item with no errors..

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