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    I am having a problem when users are registered the users have no role with ultimate member.I have to go in and change them to member. Before I updated the plugin they use to do that automatically. Not sure if I am missing some setting. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Same here following latest update.

    I am now having this same issue after upgrade! Also, selecting the UM role from the WP role doesn’t work either and carry over the UM role setting/capabilities!!

    Thanks for posting that link, but I had already read through that page. I understand the new user role logic. The problem I am having is that none of the UM settings are carrying over, regardless of if I select a WP role or prior UM role. For example, I check the box in UM user role settings to hide admin bar to specific role, and it does NOT work. none of the settings are working. Also, in the WP user screen, if I use the bulk change role option for users, it wipes at ALL of their roles for other things such as bbpress forums!
    As a paid user, I’m coming across so many bugs for this update, it is quite frustrating that the developer would push this out, let alone with out hardly any documentation for new version.

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    I total agree this update is terrible, I am also a paid user. It makes everything so much more difficult I almost want to reinstall the older version.

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    Hi @jordanmulkey,

    This issue is very likely caused by the incorrect Ultimate member setup or conflicts with other plugins e.g. membership plugins.
    Firstly, please check whether you’ve set up “Registration Default Role” in Ultimate member -> Settings -> Appearance -> Registration form. You can also assign different roles to your forms in the registration form settings -> Apply custom settings to this form – Yes and “Apply custom settings to this form”

    Secondly, please try to do a conflict test so we can rule out conflicts with other plugins and see if this issue goes away. Here is the doc on how to do a conflict test if you are not sure how to do it.

    If you are paid customer please see this topic. If you have issues you can submit support tickets via our website.


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    Thanks just submitted a support ticket

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