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default user on WP Mulltisite

  • Hello

    I am creating a network. I need any user may create site , but he hasn’t administrator permission.

    I have idea , default rol for new site is author but not do it. Other ideas are wellcoming


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  • Don’t bump. I deleted two of them.

    You can permit new users to create sites by configuring WP that way (network admin -> Settings).

    But the user is Administrator when create a new site. I want that the user to be editor.

    If they’re an editor, they can’t do anything but post. They can’t do any theme customizations or tweaks. Why do they need their own site?

    The proyect is site for kids.I use “Keep it simple, stupid” for code an for use. I want eliminate permissions for the users.


    Just be careful you’re not eliminating permissions they need. If there’s limited functionality for your site and people can only post, they may not be happy.

    You may be best served by not allowing people to sign up and make a site, but have them request one, and YOU make it.

    thank but I’m looking for

    I don’t know of one that does that. You may try looking at New Blog Defaults, but pretty much everyone assumes ‘new site maker == admin’ so you MAY be stuck doing this manually. Unless you want to write the code.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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