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    i want to move my wp-content/uploads from my server to amazon s3 so that i don’t have anything on my server (it’s taking up too much space).

    after i do that, i want the default upload path to be to that (so it bypasses my server and goes to my amazon s3) and for all current/past uploads to be already be served from amazon s3.

    i do not want to install any plug-ins. i’ve noticed they either don’t do what i need or haven’t been updated in a while.

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  • You could create a S3 bucket with all of your files. Then create a CNAME for the bucket. For example, I know you don’t want to use any plugins but CDN-Linker-Lite will work perfectly.

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    This will be difficult to do without a plugin there are quite a few I would recommend trying them out I am sure one of them would work.

    If you did want to do this with out a plugin your would
    have to make a rewrite rule to point to the files on your s3 account and then cron a rsync to copy the files over to the s3 bucket.

    Either way would work but I would recommend the plugin route.



    Amazon S3 Uploads gives me a fatal error. Also looking at it it’s not rated well. In regards to every plug-in with the tag “s3” I’ve looked at and they don’t do exactly what I want and/or they don’t work.I appreciate plug-ins that are updated regularly and of whose authors respond to support promptly.

    My amazon s3 bucket is How do I set up the CNAME in cloudfare?

    I installed CDN Linker.

    For “include dirs” does wp-content/uploads work?



    I don’t want any files on my server anymore. My uploads folder takes up over 600MB. If CDN linker doesn’t have a way of everything I upload to the media library automatically bypassing my server and going to s3 instead, then it’s not that helpful.

    You can do it without any plugin or redirect. Use S3FS to map your wordpress wp-content/uploads to S3 bucket. This will not only copy your already uploaded media files on S3 but any further upload will happen to S3 directly. This solution does not change path of any existing media file hence no change in database or theme files either. Refer Moving wordpress uploads to Amazon s3 using S3FS for the detail. I understood that you want to free space from your existing server. Therefore when you are mounting S3FS, do not use use_cache option.
    So for the mounting step in the above link instead of
    # s3fs mybucket -o allow_other /var/www/html/wp-content/uploads -o use_cache=/tmp
    which will create tmp folder and cache all the files locally, use
    # s3fs mybucket -o allow_other /var/www/html/wp-content/uploads
    Hope it solves your issue. Good luck!

    Well I posted this almost a year ago. I’m using this plug-in now and so far so good:

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