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  • Michael


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    wp_head() would usually be found in header.php of your theme, near to the </head> tag.

    what theme are you using?

    does your theme have any meta tags in the header?

    Wow, that was quick…

    Using Customizr Child.

    Here’s the website

    Not sure how to ‘make sure the wp_head() function is utilized in the header’?

    I am looking at the header.php page, but not sure how to ”make sure the wp_head() function is utilized in the header”…

    Did not find </head> nor <wp_head()> on the header.php file?!

    Here’s the <header.php> file:

    * The Header for Customizr.
    * Displays all of the <head> section and everything up till <div id=”main-wrapper”>
    * @package Customizr
    * @since Customizr 1.0
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <!–[if IE 7]>
    <html class=”ie ie7″ <?php language_attributes(); ?>>
    <!–[if IE 8]>
    <html class=”ie ie8″ <?php language_attributes(); ?>>
    <!–[if !(IE 7) | !(IE 8) ]><!–>
    <html <?php language_attributes(); ?>>

    //the ‘__before_body’ hook is used by TC_header_main::$instance->tc_head_display()
    do_action( ‘__before_body’ );

    <body <?php body_class(); ?> <?php echo tc__f(‘tc_body_attributes’ , ‘itemscope itemtype=””‘) ?>>

    <?php do_action( ‘__before_header’ ); ?>

    <header class=”<?php echo tc__f(‘tc_header_classes’, ‘tc-header clearfix row-fluid’) ?>” role=”banner”>

    //the ‘__header’ hook is used by (ordered by priorities) : TC_header_main::$instance->tc_logo_title_display(), TC_header_main::$instance->tc_tagline_display(), TC_header_main::$instance->tc_navbar_display()
    do_action( ‘__header’ );


    //This hook is filtered with the slider : TC_slider::$instance->tc_slider_display()
    do_action ( ‘__after_header’ )

    If anyone knows of a meta tag plugin that works please let me know!!! One that install the title tag on every page as well. Thanks.

    I read the post but couldn’t find the place on the header.php page to install the meta tags. I send you the header.php data. Any bright idea!?



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    somebody else seemed to have the same problem:

    common practice for a seo meta title plugin would be to use a filter on ‘wp_title’ which your plugin does not seem to do; it is simply adding the meta title tag later into the head section.

    possibly use a different meta title tag plugin or one of the other seo plugins (no recommendations from me).

    about ‘wp_head()’ and the meta tags please post in

    Plugin Author DaganLev


    Hi bvhprods,
    the wp_head() function is a function that allows 3rd party plugins to embed their scripts in the “Head” section of the website (you can learn more about this specific function here: WP HEAD)

    Most plugins will use this function in order to enter their bits onto your front end website.

    “Simple meta tags” uses this function to display the meta tags.

    Most themes use this function, however some themes don’t – at which point the plugin will not work.

    The best way of checking this is installing the plugin and seeing if the meta tags are populated (by viewing the source of the document and finding the <title> tag)

    Another thing you might look out for is that some themes also utilize their own meta tags – at which point you might have a duplication of meta tags (i.e. two <title> tags) – which is not good.

    So, to summarize;
    if you install and activate the plugin and then bring up one of your pages on the site and “view the source HTML” and look for <title> tags:
    – if you see none – it means the theme does not support wp_head and the plugin will not work
    – if you see one <title> tag – the plugin is working correctly
    – if you see more than one <title> tag – it means the plugin and the theme (and maybe even another 3rd party plugin) are all injecting the <title> tag and this is not a desirable outcome so unless you can disable the theme and any other plugin from doing so – you will need to disable this plugin

    Hope this helps


    Thanks for the replay…

    Simple Meta Tags did not replace the default title tag, it added second title tag above the description and key word tags. I figured it was because the Customoizr Child generated a page without the wp_head()!?

    But strangely enough the All in One SEO Pack plugin did drop the meta tags into the correct slots, I tested it out on one of the interior web pages , will do the rest of the pages.

    But All in One SEO Pack didn’t write anything to the home page generated by Customoizr Child.

    So I am trying to designate the new home page I generated as the new home page. Any thought on how one can make a new page the home page would be appreciated.


    Thanks for your responses… I installed the plugin All in One SEO Pack and it did the trick, as I mentioned it did not work on the Curomizr Child generated home page so I created a new home page and went to Settings > Reading Settings > Static Page > Front Page > new home page and that solved the problem. Amazing what it take to make the WordPress/Themes websites work, too much trouble most of the time, which is strange because WordPress/Themes is a supposed to CMS, really isn’t, lot of the time a huge pain in the a*** building a website, not sure why it has to bee this way!!! Ok, that’s it on this subject. Over and out.

    Plugin Author DaganLev



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