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    Trying to explore the exciting world of widgets but I get the “No Sidebars Defined – You are seeing this message because the theme you are currently using isn’t widget-aware…”

    However, I’m toggling between the Default theme and K2, which are obviously widget-aware. Clearly, somethings off about my install, but I’d rather not start from scratch. Any suggestions?


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  • The Default theme doesn’t come with widget files. You have to download the widgets plugin from automattic and inside the widgets zip, you’ll find a folder and some files to stick int o the default theme to make it widget ready. I’m not sure about K2 though…


    The first thing on the Automattic site is this:

    “Widgets are now part of WordPress core! If you are running WordPress 2.2 or later, you do not need to install the Widgets plugin. You can proceed straight to the WordPress Widgets Blog to find some widgets to try out.”

    I’m pretty new to WordPress, so perhaps I’m missing something pretty basic…

    you are right: since 2.2 (despite what the previous poster said) the widgets were integrated in the core file, so no need for the plugin.

    Now, whether a theme is widget ready or not, that’s a different issue. No, the default is not widget ready.

    Thanks Moshu.

    However, I still think i have a problem, since I see this message while using the K2 theme.


    I am also running v2.2 without Automattic’s Widgets plug-in, and in the default theme I also see “No Sidebars Defined”.

    There is clearly a problem somewhere.

    boudreaux: Perhaps K2 is having trouble because if it’s built-in modules system that replaces widgets?

    I’d try getting another theme you know to support widgets to test with, as a sort of “independent” study. 🙂

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    This thread title is incorrect. The “default” theme that comes with 2.2 *IS* widget ready. So is the “classic” theme. I put in a patch to do just that three months ago.

    This is most likely some other problem from some other plugin on your system. Probably K2. Try removing that.

    My bad. MellerTime pointed out my problem. I had no functions.php.

    I have Otto42 problem as well. Installed the latest version yesterday to see if the problem was maybe fixed and tried to use the pool theme, get the message No Sidebar Defined and have to use the classic or default theme still ;(

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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