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Default Theme Issues!

  • I’m using a custom made theme that I set via “Presentation” on my site. When we get slammed (e.g. front of digg / 50K views an hour), WP randomly sets it back to the blue default skin. This is VERY bad and I have to go in and change it again myself.

    Wondering if there is a way that I can force the default to be my custom theme and NOT the default? Is there a mysql db value that can change this? There has to be something that identifies that theme as a default (which is why it gets set that way).

    Wondering how I can hack/change that so it if goes to default it uses my custom theme. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  • It’s not the default, it’s just what it’s set to when you download wordpress. It says “WordPress Default” because that’s the theme name in the css file. Feel free to delete the default theme.

    If you feel you may have the problem of a lot of hits again, I suggest using a caching plugin.

    I use a cache plugin, that’s not the issue. The issue is when the server’s mysql database gets overloaded and when it comes back, the default theme is what is set instead of the custom theme. I want to prevent that and always have it default to the custom one…

    Record 48 (template) in the options table in mysql determines the theme used.

    … and if WP detects issues with the current theme, it’ll always fall back to “Default” instead. I think you’d see more details in your web server’s error logs.


    Where is the code that does this?




    template-loader.php or whatever its called.

    Whooami: Found it, thank you. I wasn’t previously aware of that functionality.

    buddha1822: I’d be interested in seeing what you’re able to find out, from your logs, etc.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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