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  • With the default theme you can not change the Upper Color and Lower Color on the header via the admin anymore. The Font color can still be changed but the other options do nothing. If I use php4 it works fine, as soon as I switch to php5 its broken. Has anyone experienced / ran into this problem and if so is there a resolution?

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  • Yes, I have come accross this problem as well. I noticed that my blog now only has the default blue header as well. If I try to edit the header image and color via the admin, the upper color and lower color tabs do not work although the font tab still does.
    I really need to know how to edit the header colors manually. I used to have a orangy color fading to a sandstone efect and I would like to get it back. Plus I like the idea of having text in the header instead of an image.

    Is php5 updated by the web host? If so would this account for the header suddenly stopping working?

    I, too am experiencing this header problem since updateing to WP 2.0.3 On Safari and Firefox. Is there a work around or bug fix for this? I don’t like being restricted to the blue background.

    I don’t think that updating to 2.0.3 is the issue. I switched to a new host and the problem started when I moved my blog. I was using 2.0.2 when I moved it.. I have the same issue now.

    I am having this exact same problem. After a lot of frustration, I tried changing the graphic itself, but it STILL shows up blue. Help, please!

    Well, I don’t know if PHP5 is the cause of this problem, but I can confirm that I have PHP5 on my server and I have the exact same problem.

    Have you check the availability of GD library on your PHP installation?, I had the same problem in one of my installations and the presence of GDlib is needed for this.
    As it says in header-img.php in default theme script “if there is no graphic support…” they’ll use a default header image.

    Ottomd is correct in his post. I too was having a problem with changing the upper and lower colors. I recompiled php like:
    ./configure –prefix=/usr/local/php5 –with-apxs2=/usr/sbin/apxs -with-libxml-dir=/usr/lib –with-zlib –with-zlib-dir=/usr/lib –with-mysql=/usr –with-gd –with-png-dir=/usr –with-jpeg-dir=/usr –with-freetype-dir=/usr

    and the upper and lower colors now change. Be careful with the apxs2 entry. It is for apache2. If you are not using apache2 the use apxs. Also the dir entries could vary based upon your distro.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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