[resolved] Default Theme breaks, Visual WYSIG breaks (2 posts)

  1. D9r
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I installed 2.3.3 for the first time, and there are 2 problems so far:

    1. Default Theme doesn't display correctly (the background is all grey instead of some white, and the header image has no rounded corners)

    2. On post-new.php, the Visual wysiwyg images don't display -- they're all flat, about 1px high and some color is visible.

    I'm using Mozilla suite 1.7.13

    Any ideas? Maybe some of the files were corrupted?


  2. D9r
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Figured it out.

    Some images were being blocked due to the fact I was using a recycled .htaccess file for the test area, which included code that prevented image hotlinking -- basically, this domain could not display some (not all, which is curious) of its own images because the domain that could was from another site (as I said, it was a recycled .htaccess file). I commented out the hotlinking code and the images all display now.

    The default install looks good. Now I need to go find some themes, add plugins, and figure out how to use WP as a cms.

    Thanks for following along. :)


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