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  • Hi all, I installed the new wordpress 2.0.1 for a friend at this site

    He is the admin of the blog and he tried just to change the color, of the default theme, directly from the dashboard. The result is a incorrect visualization of all the themes except the default 1.2.

    I really don’t understand what he did. I tried to reinstall all the file of wordpress and change all the themes, but the problem is persistent. I don’t know what do anymore. Would be very nice just know where is the mistake.

    Thanks to all!

    Karim Gorjux

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  • Read my thread here, download the rar archive there and reupload all over the existing files he has. =) Should be just fine again then.. =)

    Also, I have included some extra little images and modified a few as well. Well, you can check it out here:

    Looks good in both IE and FF as well. I hope this helps. =)


    Also, please note: That theme is basically an Image Based theme, which means to have MOST of it change how it’s looked. You or he’d have to adjust the images accordingly in an Image Editing program like Photoshop, GIMP ect…

    On another note: To edit the files and such of the theme, WP Control Panel = Presentation => Themes => Theme Editor and then click on the file you want to modify, in the sidebar there. Just make sure you have those files writable or whatever.

    Thanks. I tried to install your theme, but nothing changed. I reinstall all and I also clean the database. Now everything works properly. Thanks again.

    No problem. =) But I just want to clarify something though with this: “The result is a incorrect visualization of all the themes except the default 1.2”

    Did he have the default 1.2 in there installed over the 2.0’s Default 1.5? Or did you just make a typo in here lol? I notice that the Default isn’t being at the friend’s site now. :/

    Like you said though, you didn’t really understand what he did..but if you have or he has done the uploading correctly of my fixed files over them files, it should have been ok. :/ I have done that here on mine:

    It’s hard to tell either though, doesn’t really matter. As long as everything is running smoothly now, that’s all that really matters. =)


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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