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  • Hello,

    If this is a double-post I apologize, I did spend some time searching the support database and couldn’t find my specific problem (although it was very helpful with other problems!)

    I’m running WP2.2 (upgraded) and recently tossed out my horribly mangled custom theme and made very small modifications to the Default (Kubrick) theme, mostly just the stylesheet.

    I noticed that Pages (rather than posts) weren’t displaying comments. So I discovered the <?php comments_template(); ?> fix for page.php and that *mostly* fixed the problem — the only trouble is that if I have a private, password-protected page, I don’t get anything: not post, no “please enter your password to continue form”, no comments, just a “Comments are closed” flag at the top of the page and nothing after that. I have double-checked the page’s settings from the dashboard — yes, Comments are enabled, yes, the page is marked as private with a password specified. I haven’t messed with any of the comments.php code for determining if comments are opened or closed, or for asking for the password.

    I did a bit of review of existing posts and pages on the website, to see if there was a running theme:

    • Posts with comments: OK
    • Pages with comments: OK
    • Posts with comments disabled: OK
    • Pages with comments disabled: OK
    • Password-protected page marked published: OK
    • Password-protected page marked private: Not OK
    • Has anyone else encountered this? Here’s a link to a testpage I’ve set up: The password would be wordpress.

      Muchas gracias,

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