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  • This is probably pretty obvious but I’ve searched both my wordpress files and the support here and not got an answer.

    Where is the code for the default sidebar located? It isn’t that of either the default or classic theme.. and I don’t know where it’d be in the wordpress files themselves (i’ve looked for something somewhere else called sidebar.php to no avail).

    I want to start with the basic default widget-ready sidebar because I only want to make a very small change (changing “search” to “go” in the search button..)

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  • the sidebar code for the default theme is sidebar.php

    the sidebar gets registered in functions.php

    searchform.php handles the search form

    that’s what I thought.. themes\default\sidebar.php.. but that sidebar.php has a number things like “You are currently browsing the archives for the X category” that don’t show up when I don’t have a sidebar.php in my theme’s directory, but do show up if I don’t have any sidebar defined other than in functions php doing widgets..

    right now my installation of wp does not have a searchform.php anywhere… i see some themes on other installations that do, but i was wondering where the default is defined so I can nab that code and modify it?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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