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  • I am trying the MGL to migrate my galleries from NG and it is working fine. I have a couple of questions before fully committing to the migration:
    1. Is there a way to establish default settings rather than changing the settings for each gallery? That will save me a lot of time, especially in the migration. Is this a feature on the premium version?
    2. Is it possible to migrate more than one gallery at a time? I have over 250 galleries to migrate.
    3. Sorting the gallery images is handled quite nicely, but when sorting galleries with a large number of images this method actually becomes a hindrance requiring extensive scrolling up and down. Will you sometime consider a sorting screen which can be called as an option to display just the thumbnails, a la NGG?
    4. Since the migrated images are pulled into monthly uploads folder after a migration that folder will end up with too large a number of images. Is it possible to pull them into the months when the NGG gallery was created? This will distribute the clutter into many months.

    This is very promising for my site and for my clients’ sites. I am very glad that you made a “lite” version available. After the migration switching to the premium should be a snap. I hope!

    Thank you.

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  • Plugin Author johnbhartley


    All excellent questions and all things we’ll discuss internally.

    1. The only way to make defaults at this time would be to change the plugin code, but we will take into consideration a “settings” menu where you can create a set list of defaults.

    2. We only allow 1 migration at a time in order to make sure everything ends up in its proper place. So at this time no.

    3. This is a feature we’ve been thinking about implementing and with this request we may bump it up in the priorities list. For a “grid view” would you just want the thumbnail and no other information?

    4. Why would it make the folder too large? Are there size limits with your host? Very curious to hear your response on this.

    Thanks for the questions. They are very helpful.

    Thank you for a VERY quick reply

    1. A settings menu will be most welcome.
    2. I understand the complexity of importing more than one gallery at a time, but it is not insurmountable since each NGG has a name which can be used for the MG gallery name. But this is important only at the migration stage and I understand the marginal value to other users.
    3. For sorting a grid view with just the thumbnail will be perfectly fine. If the thumbnails are proportional that will make it easier to recognize the image.
    4. In my galleries I probably have close to 4-5 thousand images. Putting them into one folder is not a hosting restriction but convenience for me if I am looking for a particular image I do not need to scroll through thousands of images. Also, I am a bit compulsive on orderly organization. Having a post dated 10/9/2006 and its images coming from a gallery dated 11/15/2013 disturbs my sensibility(!) And finally, trying to locate an image related to a post will be much easier if they have the same dates since the gallery is not put in a folder with a related name.

    I think I will like MaxGalleria, so far so good! As Rick said at the end of Casablanca “Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

    Plugin Author johnbhartley


    Thanks again for your input.

    I can see where that amount of images would indeed get a bit hairy. We’ll talk it over and see if we can come up with a good solution for folks that, like you, have thousands of images at the ready.

    Keep a look out for an update with the re-ordering. We’ll try to push one out later this week.

    Thank you, I will be waiting.

    While you are at it, would it be too much to ask to be able to select multiple images to move in sorting the gallery?

    I will make one more suggestion for improvement. As I tried to add titles and Alt Text to a large number of images today it became a chore very quickly. Each change is saved and the page refreshes, requiring to scroll down to find the next image. It will be ideal if:

    1. The naming is done right on the screen where all the images are displayed with a simple “Save” button, a la “Quick Edit” in the posts listing.
    2. If the first option is not doable, then the save and return to the same spot will be better rather than to the top of the list.

    This, along with the sorting of images are quite weak in MaxGalleria. I am sure all the users will benefit from these changes.

    Any news on the new version of MGL?

    Plugin Author johnbhartley


    We’ve got some items in testing and hope to have something out later this week.

    I forgot to mention that leaving the images where they are and following s similar folder structure would be ideal. I keep my galleries organized as follows:
    wp-content/uploads/gallery/[specific gallery name]

    I for one would like to continue with this folder structure as I create new MaxGalleria galleries. During the import you do not need to worry about moving or copying the images from one location to another.

    Just a thought.

    Plugin Author arcware


    One quick note about editing titles and alt text for large numbers of images: bulk edit functionality exists in the full version that makes this process much, much easier.

    This is good to hear. Now I will wait for the new release for the other features I mentioned earlier.

    I have just installed the new upgrade but it does not seem to have “Settings” or target location for NextGEN import. Are they not making it into MaxGalleria?j The grid view is a welcome addition, row view may find some use as well. I am holding my breath for the missing two features “Default settings” and “NextGEN import target location”. Without them I am not as willing to switch to MGL or its premium version.

    Plugin Author arcware


    We have not finished the “Settings” page yet, but it is in the works. The update today was to get the Grid view in place and take care of a couple other fixes.

    As for the target location for the NextGEN Importer, that’s still up in the air. Much more testing is needed to ensure all works as expected and the overall experience matches the rest of the plugin.

    You are fast! I can wait for both of them. Let me make another effort to make a case for a separate locations. Could you not have a MaxGalleria root, say /wp-content/uploads/mg, and create folders with the gallery name? It will make life so much better for people like me with about 300 galleries and about 5000 images. This may put the images outside the WP media library structure, that may be undesirable but I’m sure there is a solution to everything. One compromise may be to use a couple of radio-button choices, “WordPress Media Gallery compatibe” and “Unique gallery folders”. At least having this feature during the NextGEN import will be great.

    Plugin Author arcware


    That’s really good feedback, thanks. We’ll take all that into consideration and see what we can come up with.

    One possible bug report:
    In edit gallery view, clicking on “View Gallery” or “Preview Changes” produce “Page not found” error. I do not remember if this was the case on the previous version. The link it produces is something like:
    Where twd2013 is the gallery title.


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