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  1. saladgoat
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Maybe I can't find out how to do this because it's not possible, or maybe it's easy to do but I can't figure out the right keywords to search for.

    Currently, when a new user signs up and is given Author status, they go to add a New Post and the screen they are shown is the title input and the editing box on the left and on the right is the Publish box, Categories, Tags and Featured Image.

    I would like to also include, on the default screen, the Excerpts box.

    I know each individual user can customize their screen how they like using the Screen Options. But I have potentially inexperienced users who cannot find that little tab and are expecting the Excerpts box to be there.

    This is actually the first time I can remember the Excerpt box not being there. So I assume it is the theme that has removed it.

    I already have a child theme set up, so I just need to know where to go to set the default screen layout for the posts.

    I hope I explained that properly. Google couldn't understand what I wanted....


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