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  • Hello

    I use the default permalinks:

    I deleted some posts , when trying to remove them from google through Google Webmaster Tools i got a DENIED message because mr. google needs 404 error to remove it.

    The problem , when i change the numbers 123 to 23542352315 i don’t get any 404 message but get “NOT FOUND” by my theme.

    I have a 404.php file and it works in my blog fine in other sections but with these default links it did not !

    I can’t change my permalinks because i have 700 posts and it will ruin my blog.

    Hope to find a solution because i must delete some post from google ASAP.


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  • I can’t help you with Google, but…

    Are you aware that Default style permalinks always work, regardless of what you have specified at Options -> Permalinks?

    In other words, if you have always used Default permalinks and change to something fancier, you won’t have any broken links.

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