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  • Help please … I’m looking at an existing WordPress site for a friend and trying to make a few changes. There are a number of pages which have the template set to ‘Default Template’. However, the pages are rendered using a template known as CustomContent and the template file CustomContent.php of course exists in the theme folder. What I can’t figure out is how WP knows to substitute CustomContent for Default Template. I think that this is being done in admin because the wp_post_meta in the database contains CustomContent as the template for my pages. But I can’t find ‘CustomContent’ anywhere else in the database or in the code so I’m truly mystified and have been this way for a whole day !
    Can anyone enlighten me as to where and why this substitution is taking place please ?

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  • OK .. I can see what is happening but I’m still not sure why. All of the pages are being correctly rendered with CustomContent, but when I edit one of those pages in admin, ‘Default Template’ gets selected as the page template on the right (which was the thing confusing me). If I just then click ‘Update’ (naking no updates whatsoever), the page gets rendered incorrectly as the Default Template (index.php) is obviously being used. To fix this, I then have to go back and select CustomContent as the page template and click update again. If I then re-edit the page, CustomContent is selected.
    So, the question is, why was CustomContent not being pre-selected in the page template pull down menu ?

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