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  • First, I’m really new at this… so go easy on me. Second, I installed WordPress and upload a few different themes… everything works great, I cannot thank the folks at WordPress enough for putting this together. Finally, I uploaded the MiniaPlus theme, which uses page templates, and I’ve noticed that when I select the “default template” from the selection, my new page is associated with a category… specifically cat #1. How can I disable the category assocation altogether as these are really just intended to be static pages… or, if it’s easier, is there a way to allow me the ability to select the appropriate category? Thanks!

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  • Does your theme have a page.php? If so, you can just delete the template tag that calls for the category, then it won’t show. Pages don’t actually have categories, but I think they just get assigned to the default cat by default, like they have to have one, even tho they won’t use them.

    If that theme did not come with a page.php, then you just need to copy everything in index.php, and rename it to page.php.

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