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  • I’m using Options Framework on a WP Multisite network. When I create a new blog, I’d like to have the user’s settings prepopulated with the default values I’ve set up in options.php. Currently, I have to go in and press the Restore Defaults button to get the defaults to apply.

    Is there a function I can call when the blog is created that will emulate clicking in the Restore Defaults button and save the default values for the current blog?


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  • If anyone is curious, this is how I accomplished what I was after:

    // get the array of default option values
    $values = of_get_default_values();
    // set the value of one of them
    $values['myfield'] = $myvalue;
    // save the option values
    update_option( 'optionsframework', $values );
    // force options framework to save its required settings
    // otherwise you have to browse the admin area first to get
    // the settings to "take"
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