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    Sorry to be a pain 🙂

    I set the Default Lifestage and Owner for Contacts under Settings.

    They don’t work, still requires a manual selection of both when creating new contact.


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  • @kattouf,

    Don’t think like that! We love to have conversations with you guys!

    The “Default life stage” and “Contact Owner” will work with “auto import” option.
    These options have no relation while adding new contacts manually.

    But when a “CRM Agent” will add a new contact, he won’t need to set contact owner. As he is the contact owner by default (for whom who are added by him).

    Thanks and hope you are clear on it 🙂


    I was CRM Manager. I Gave my self CRM Agent Role


    And then add new contact:


    what am i missing?


    If you are a “CRM Agent” (not CRM Manager) then it will select you as the contact owner.
    As a “CRM Agent” does not have permission to edit the contacts who are added by another CRM Agent due to security purpose.

    Thanks 🙂

    aaaaaah ok then 🙂

    I for one would like to be able to set a default, it just more productive. But i can live with that 🙂

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