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  • Unfortunately after trying many times, I could not make it work. It worked when I first set up the plugin but later on it stopped working on new posts and as well as it is not showing up no featured image on the backend displays. BUT Default Images only START TO APPEAR after TRASHing them on the trash folder and restoring back.

    Could you please help with this issue? I research the issue but could not find any solution. I have even tried with classic guttenberg as well.

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  • @hinjiriyo thank you! In the meantime, i did set WPeMatico to creat posts with status “Pending Review” and i’m using Auto Post Scheduler plugin to check for pending posts and publish them on a regular basis. This way the featured images I set up on Quick Featured Images does appear. I know it’s not the optimal way, but it’s a wayaround until a better solution comes out.

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    Plugin Author Martin Stehle


    Great idea!

    I didn’t find any free version of both WP Bakery and Adforest. So I recommend aphador’s workaround, see previous post.

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    I have a question while waiting for your response.

    Is your plugin use xmlrpc.php file or xmlrpc.php authentication?


    or any other .php file?

    if the plugin using any of the wp php file please, let me know.

    Still waiting for the solution though, I hope you can solve it!

    Thank you again for your efforts Mr. Stehle.

    Plugin Author Martin Stehle


    QFI loads no XMLRPC, JSON or other resources, only its own files.

    Please read my previous reply to get a solution for your issue.

    @hinjiriyo , i had a similar problem with WPeMatico and another plugin, and one user gave a solution, i thought you’d wanna give it a try.

Viewing 5 replies - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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