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    Some time back I found out that you should make sure to have one H1 tag on your posts & pages. In the Customize section, I noticed that OceanWP had the title set to H2. Why would they have the default set to H2 as opposed to H1? I changed it to H1 but I’m considering changing it back to H2. Did they set it to H2 so that users can create an H1 heading in the main content section of the post? I wanted to double check why the default was set to H2 for the title.

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    Hello, you can add your page and post title to H1 if you want, it is up to you, the settings are in the theme so you can do what you want.
    But it is recommended by SEO experts to have only one H1 per page.

    How do i fix so i have same h1 settings like neil and backlinko

    Like this view-source: the url is google ranking in our case this would be our h1 in his case its How to Dominate Google in 2019 thats his h1

    Neil has url google ranking and h1 dominate google i can only get my url to be h1

    I know meny seo exepet tells that but google them self said that h1 is now not a rankning factor and you can use 2-3 h1 but i want my h1 to work like neil and backlinko kind regards

    Right now my url is my h1 and neils url is not h1 how i fix that

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    @janekoman11 in this url?
    I see your post title in H1. Do you mean about your content titles? Because it is the content post, so you can directly change the heading by editing your post, not via the customizer.

    No like if you go to the blogpost of neil i posted you can se he has the url and The url is not an h1 like mine he has something else like h1 kind regards

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    If you use a plugin like SEOPress or Yoast SEO you can easily add what you want as url for Google, it is an SEO plugin.

    Don’t confuse the on-page title with an H1 with the SERP title. Go to the Yoast section and click edit snippet > put your cursor behind the first purple oval labeled Title > backspace twice to remove it > type your SEO title. I just learned that trick. And as you type, you can see the title change. If you don’t do anything, then the page title becomes your SEO title.

    Do you mean to change the permalink kind regards so after i change the permalink it will be the same as neil patel and backlinko that the url mamby says dominate google and the h1 is How to dominate google in 2019

    no – reread what I wrote then create a temporary private post and try it:

    “click edit snippet > put your cursor behind the first purple oval labeled Title > backspace twice to remove it > type your SEO title”

    I checked it upp they change the permalink kind regards neil and backlinko use diffrent permalink url

    Now i found another problem the prodcuts tags are h2 and not h1 how do i fix this

    I dont know why these theme has so much problems in seo in simpleness like h1 and h2 common

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    Hello, to make the single product title H1, go to the WooCommerce > Single Product section of the customizer and select H1 as title tag.

    Hello i did it but its the same i removed the line from the file in custom but that fucked upp some other seo stuff so i put it back in hmmm why does it not change

Viewing 15 replies - 31 through 45 (of 48 total)
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