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    Some time back I found out that you should make sure to have one H1 tag on your posts & pages. In the Customize section, I noticed that OceanWP had the title set to H2. Why would they have the default set to H2 as opposed to H1? I changed it to H1 but I’m considering changing it back to H2. Did they set it to H2 so that users can create an H1 heading in the main content section of the post? I wanted to double check why the default was set to H2 for the title.

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  • Can you please let me know how to change post title from H2 (by default) to H1


    Go to Customize > Blog > Single Post and change post title from H2 to H1.

    i am getting so mind fucked thinking of switching to astra. Oceanwp lack seo. Kernix could you pls tell me what you did and where you changed the settings and to what kindregards My post now has the title under the picture how do i remove the title from the header and how do i change the color from black to white so my about page has it white kind regards

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    I see the title in the header to the left, in the header to the right as a breadcrumb and below the picture. That last one should be your page title. I assume you do not want the title in the blue header – the one to the left? How did you create the header? Elementor?

    I’m going to assume you made the change in the customize screen for the title to H1 since I see in the source code – I see 2 of them which is odd. I believe you are only supposed to have one. I have no idea why you have the title in the header. Here are the 2 H1 tags in your source code:

    1. <div class=”container clr page-header-inner”><h1 class=”page-header-title clr”>Friskis och Svettis Uppsala</h1>

    2. <header class=”entry-header clr”><h1 class=”single-post-title entry-title”>Friskis och Svettis Uppsala</h1></header>

    It’s the second one in your header. Did you add something to your headewr.php file? I see “page-header-inner” and “page-header-title” in the 1st one then “single-post-title entry-title” in the 2nd one. Go into the customize screen and look for page heading settings. I think the 2nd one is the one you want: single post title.

    You may have to go into the post and scroll below the text field where you type everything. Take a look at Header and Title under OceanWP Settings. My Header is set to default for both. My title is set to Enable for the 1st option and disable for the second one. It’s that last setting that I always have to make to ensure I don’t have 2 titles on my page. Try that first. Scroll down to the end of your post where you see “Word Count” and right below that is OceanWP Settings. Click on Title and try setting Display Page Title to Enable and set Display Heading to Disable then refresh your page and see what happens.

    I followed your steps sir does it work now. How did you setup on customize with the h1 settings in blog and header kind regards

    I can’t remember exactly – general tab and post tab I think in customize has the option of setting the heading tags – where ever you can set it I set it to H1. Just go into customize and you will see them.

    What about the blog post should it be h1 or h2 and in blog there is 2 option 2 diffrent h1. Is the h1 right now after i followed your steps kind regars only 1 h1 now

    I don’t know – I set both to H1 – set it – update – go to a post and right-click > view source and search for H1

    If you go to singel post you can hide the title so it would be 0 h1 then you can add your own h1 that is more engaging for the reader like the url has view-source: < this url will not be an h1 becuse i disabled everything even in post title to hide title and insteed in content i do an h1 heading and write mambye 11 reason why friskis och svettis uppsala is the best gym is it not better to do it that way or should i just let the singel post title be live and not hidden. If its not hidden it will be the same h1 as the url under the picture like i have it now. what do you think. Do you belive my h1 setup is correct now kind regards

    So the url would be url and not an h1 url and i make my own h1 more suited for reader to get more pumped upp for the artkiel

    If you look on blogs like neilpatel seo master he has not his url as an h1 rather he has diffrent h1 then his url like this one

    view-source: the url is google ranking in our case this would be our h1 in his case its How to Dominate Google in 2019 thats his h1

    So when we make an post our url is an h1 in his case its not when i disable singel post as an test i was free to make my own h1 and the url was not an h1

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    But the confusing part is john mueller from google said in 2017 you can have as much h1 tags as you want confusing right why does all the seo pro like neil and backlinko do this way then hmm

    In my head i belive google does not give a crap about the h1 rather the meta and title to have the keyword and write an killer content with visual content aswell like embed videos. I think backlink is an factor that will die and brand will be the new rank factor how much social share and so on

    This is why i belive oceanwp is bad becuse you cant mix the h1 like you want it and its an big important part

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