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  • prantikv


    Hey there,

    I am using the latest versing of wordpress and it is self hosted.

    I would like to display a category features image on a post which does not have a featured image set.

    I did a search and found a few plugins. But I am not sure which to choose as most of the plugins have not been updated for more than 6 months some even 3 years.

    Kindly suggest.


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  • Moderator bcworkz


    I cannot recommend anything specific. The time since last update is a factor in selecting a plugin, but some plugins are actively supported and simply had no need to be updated, they still work perfectly fine. Also consider the size of the installed base, if the plugin support is active, and how professional the author is in providing support and responding to negative reviews.

    Do read some reviews. Some negative, low scoring reviews are not necessarily a bad sign. Some people leave bad reviews and low ratings for inappropriate reasons. More telling is if and how the author responds.

    Of course most important remains: does the plugin do what you want? Or at least is it close enough. If you are a coder, look at the source code. is it well organized and formatted, with adequate comments? Bonus: Are numerous filters and actions provided so others can further cleanly customize the plugin?

    As a last resort, you could modify the plugin yourself if it appears like it will not be updated. Or use the plugin as a guide in developing your own plugin. Often the bulk of code is related to unneeded user interface, the gist of what is needed to do something is often compact and accessible.

    I imagine the gist of this is storing image information in term meta. This, with a rudimentary UI for saving the desired image is not too complicated. It gets more complicated if you desire a more elaborate way of selecting images, such as incorporating the media library and editing/cropping functionality.

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