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    when I use the “default page template” it pulls the background correctly (the page looks just like my about page as an example in the background), but when I switch to the “default events template” the header is completely gone – which is set up in the theme settings / appearance area.

    I have tried to fix it – looking for single header image which can usually be put into the page to find it is not available either.
    I am not a coder (aka not going into php files and whathaveyou) at all nor very family with CSS. That’s after all why I would use a plugin.

    How can I fix it? I am using The Core from Themeforest btw.

    Off Topic: Instead of letting people create an account in your own support area only to find out that they would need to BUY to get direct help (which of course I only do when I know the plugin works – Classic Catch22) why not just telling them to go here if they haven’t bought.

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  • northernannie


    Just adding this in case it helps: The theme has a build in function to even use different header images, either overall, category or single event – so if the plugin would pull the “events section” from the original dashboard instead of inserting a new own “events section” a lot of the issues with design could be solved (of course I have no idea how difficult that would be) by using the original dashboard events. I honestly thought the calendar would only pull the event data and put it into a calendar.

    Here is the documentation:



    nevermind, i will create my own calendar view. 🙂

    Plugin Support Sky Shabatura


    Hi there,

    Our plugin lets you choose which template to use when rendering the events pages.

    In Events > Settings > Display > Events Template, you can choose from “Default Events Template,” “Default Page Template” or any other custom templates provided by your theme.

    The “Default Events Template” relies on the standard WordPress “get_header” and “get_footer” functions to be in place. If your theme is using another method to add the header and footer, this obviously won’t work.

    You can try switching the above setting to “Default Page Template” to see if this provides a better result.

    Hope that helps!



    sorry but you didn’t read it all or at all???? – another perfectly good reason to not buy your product:

    I wrote in super short:

    I tested both.

    Default PAGE works perfectly in that it pulls all the background
    Default EVENTS does NOT pull the header

    AND there is no option to change the header in the default PAGE version.

    @sky – Thanks, this works as needed for me!

    Plugin Contributor András Guseo


    Hi @northernannie

    Sorry about the confusion here. Let me try to help you out, in case you are still open to using The Events Calendar.

    Your initial assessment is right. The ‘default page template’ will show whatever you have set up in your theme as a generic page background. The ‘default events template’ will not, as that uses the clean stylesheet that comes with our plugin and thus, cannot be adjusted though theme options.

    If you would still like help with this, let us know. Also please clarify what you would like to achieve. Would you like to set up a custom background header for your calendar?

    > pull the “events section” from the original dashboard
    I’m not quite sure what you mean. WordPress by default does not come with an events section. It might be coming from the theme you are using. Unfortunately we cannot tap into those events.
    The Events Calendar has its own ‘structure’ and events. It is not a plugin that simply provides a calendar grid, but rather a full solution.

    > Instead of letting people create an account in your own support area
    I’m really sorry about this, that was definitely not intentional. We have changed support platforms and we encountered some glitches in the beginning. You were a ‘victim’ of a such glitch. Again, sorry.

    Let us know if we can help further.


    Plugin Support Ed


    Hey there,

    Since this topic has been inactive for a while, I’m going to go ahead and mark as resolved. Don’t hesitate to reopen or create a new topic if you still need help! 😄

    Take care,
    Ed 🤟

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