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  • I was wondering if it’s okay to delete “Uncategorized” in the script, so that there is no default category checked. I find it annoying to have to uncheck it every time I put up a post. If it isn’t checked, will the posts still go there if no category is selected (just curious)? Thanks.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    There must be a default category.
    Why not rename it ?

    I think there should be a default. Even I am not comfortable to keep the “Uncategorized”, but i did change my dafault category in the options. So, didnt care for it.

    What’s the reasoning behind forcing us to use categories? What if we don’t want categories?

    In my blog’s atom feed, every post shows up in the “uncategorized” category, which is misleading (I don’t use categories,I use a tagging/keyword system). Do I really have to manually untick the category for every post?

    Any progress on this? It’s unnecessary and semantically misleading that posts are automatically described as “uncategorixed” post in a blog that doesn’t use the categorization system.

    The WP engine works in that way that every post must be assigned to a category – otherwise the blog would break.
    You can always re-name it as it was suggested above.

    Presumably, if you don’t use categories, you could remove all mention of them from your site’s theme–Just because wordpress needs them internally doesn’t mean it has to tell readers about them.

    Right, and there is no sight of the categories on my blog. The problem is the feed, which automatically alerts readers of “Category: uncategorized” (or “none” as I have changed it to), which is a bit misleading. One can’t expect users to fool around with the feeds to straighten this out, there should be an option in the GUI. As long as I can untick that box for every post, why not let me set it to do it automatically?

    Have a category that’s titled the name of your blog and set that to the default.. then it doesn’t really look like a category..

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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