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    after having earned an achievement, the default badge shows up in the user’s activity stream, in stead of a custom badge I created for that achievement.

    Take a loot at:
    and let’s discuss the first badge in the activity stream.

    This is the default badge BadgeOS uses when there’s no other badge image available, but when you click on that badge, you will see I have a custom made badge for the specific achievement.

    It seems that the plugin failed to use the right badge image. It also happens with other badges.

    I’m using the latest versions of BadgeOS, the BadgeOS community add-on, BuddyPress en WordPress.

    What’s going wrong? Please help. 🙂

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  • Hrm, not sure with this one. My initial thoughts are some sort of conflict with with IDs, however that would also have the links going to the wrong place. What output method are you using for the link you provided, and if obvious, which addon, if any, is that part coming from?



    Frankly, I don’t know. If you like, I can give you access to my test site to find out.

    Well, is that a buddypress area by chance?



    Yes it is a WordPress system with the Buddypress plugin activated.

    I think I figured out what the bug is:

    When I create just one badge, the correct badge image is being displayed. But when I make another badge and the first badge is a required step to get this second badge, then the wrong image for the first badge is being displayed.

    Do you understand?

    Does the second badge have its own image as well? I’m wondering if perhaps at the point you’re having issue, we’re dealing with multiple IDs by chance.



    Yes, the second badge has its own image as well. :/

    If you let me know of what settings you’re using for these achievements, i can try to recreate on my localhost and see if I can recreate.

    I try not to rely on the “access someone else’s site” method, even just dev sites, whenever possible but if it really comes down to it, I’d accept.



    Please install latest versions of:
    – BadgeOS
    – BadgeOS Community Add-on
    – BuddyPress

    I also use the WooCommerce and Mycred plugins, please install these plugins as well.

    BuddyPress requires a permalink setting that’s not default.
    Settings > Permalink > Common Settings, choose “Post name”.

    In BadgeOS create two badges:
    – A first badge with auto submission
    – A second badge, as another achievement type, which only requires the first badge to be completed

    Both badges should have a different badge image of course.

    Achievement Types settings in BadgeOS: Make sure to check “Activity Posts” and “Profile Achievements”.

    You had me up to that last sentence. Not quite sure what part that refers to.

    while I’m at it, what’s going to be the trigger in this case? Reading your two badge descriptions above. One should be automatic somehow, and the other one will be automatic dependent on the first one?

    The rest I have set up and updated to the latest versions of the plugins.



    Go the BadgeOS menu > Achievement Types > BuddyPress Member Activity and make sure that the options “Activity Posts” and “Profile Achievements” are checked in.

    The first badge has indeed a submission (auto-accepted) to complete and the second badge has the first badge completed as a required step. So, if you earn the first badge, then you also get the second badge.

    *slaps forehead* I forgot the “Submission” word which if I recall right, is submitting something to the site in order to achieve it, thus the trigger.

    Thank you for your infinite patience Sem, I know I don’t always get around to replying right away.

    That said, I was able to recreate this issue, and am going to call it a confirmed bug. I have filed an issue at Feel free to follow along if you want.



    Thanks for the effort, Michael, let’s hope it will be fixed soon.

    I noticed another thing…

    When I create badges with multiple required steps (and badges that requires other badges to be completed), the default badge logo is repeatedly being uploaded by the plugin into the media library. It happens multiple times… I see a lot of default badges in the media library after creating badges. Strange.

    But I didn’t use and I didn’t upload the default badge by myself.

    Can you try to create a bunch of badges and check if anything goes wrong in the media library?

    No need to try it out, my media library is already a little full from helping/debugging others 🙂

    Not really a bug, but definitely agreed spot that needs refactoring. As explained to me, with each achievement, it checks if an achievement has an image attached, and if not, it fetches an image from Credly and uses that. Next release, we’re now thinking to change that to happen once per achievement type, and then each achievement in the type would reuse the one upload.

    Stay tuned.

    Wow, 4 months.

    Anyways, I wanted to share some recent findings regarding the activity stream and achievements.

    When a user earns an achievement and the activity stream content is created, the text and some of the markup is actually inserted into the database. If you do not have your desired achievement image on the achievement at the time of activity posting, the original image will remain, due to being in a database column for BuddyPress.

    So, set your images right away before you make them earn-able.

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