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  • WordPress sites that use themes based on Default and Kubrick do not render properly on many modern HTML5 capable browsers.

    The following browsers are known to have problems:

    Firefox 4.0beta, Chrome 9.0.597.45 beta, Chrome 11, Opera Ragnarök, IE8, & IE9.

    It is unlikely that the release versions of these browsers will fix the problem.

    For all the gory details see Mozilla’s Bugzilla

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  • Simon Prosser


    Theme Review Admin

    Surely its up to the blog owner to update the outdated blog??

    The point of this thread is more to act as an advance warning/heads up, explaining problems people may be having with their theme – given that Firefox 4 and IE 9 (both of which are affected) will be released in ~2 weeks – and so might result in an influx of support threads here.

    I’ve checked the latest version of default using the preview here:
    …and it seems to have had the issue fixed.

    So presumably as long as people are using default and keeping it up to date, then they won’t be affected.

    However, for the many sites that use a custom theme based on Default/Kubrick, who haven’t incorporated newer Kubrick/Default changes, then they may be affected.

    eg like this user’s custom theme based on Kubrick:

    – Fault is only in older versions of the theme
    – So agree it’s the responsibility of the blog owner to update/change to a non-broken theme
    – This thread is just attempting to give advance warning to those who offer support/triage, given that Firefox 4/IE 9 are going to be released in <2 weeks

    Sticky/known issues list perhaps?

    Simon Prosser


    Theme Review Admin

    The ‘default’ theme was last included in v2.9.2

    Yes and has been replaced by TwentyTen, I’m aware of that.

    People still use old themes and will come to the support forum asking why they are broken.

    Giving fellow triagers/front line support volunteers a heads up as to the imminent browser changes (so they are prepared for a potential influx in the next 2-3 weeks) seemed like a prudent course of action.

    Make of it what you will…

    Ed: I’ve loaded Default 1.7.2 into my WordPress instance and when I preview it I see the problem. It may be that the problem is only triggered with some sidebar configurations.

    Since there’s no telling how many other themes borrowed code from Kubrick and Default over the years, I think the best advice is to strongly encourage people running WordPress blogs to test their sites with a browser that has an HTML5 parser. (e.g. Firefox 4, Chrome 9, Opera 11.5)

    They should do this regardless of which theme they’re using.

    …and if a Forum admin stumbles on this thread, a sticky in the Themes Forum would save a lot of people a lot of heartburn over the next few months.

    RAMilewski: Yes sorry, appears I spoke too soon – this issue effects even the current version of Default. I’m not able to edit my post above now though 🙁

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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