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    I’ve just installed this plugin. Hit create backup (luckily had from wp-backup plugin) and nothing happened-no email at admin email, just new buttons with “secure from basic attacks”. I changed strong password authentication to editor from admin and then I hit save button. Strange things then heppened, I was logged out, red baloon in wp login aread was empty and wp-admin nor wp-login.php no longer worked.. Any ideas?

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  • try admin, but if you can get to the login page the hide backend feature is not turned on.

    the blank red error window will occur if you are using SSL on your login page

    you may have to FTP in and delete or rename the plugin folder

    thank’s for a reply.. BUT:
    – /admin is not working.. Says not found as default no post found page.
    – renaming plugin folder -> The page isn’t redirecting properly
    and I’m still stuck 🙁

    delete the BWS plugin folder then try

    you may also have to check your .htaccess but thats rare and most can rename or remove the plugin folder

    you dont rename the plugin folder itself, just the plugin you are having issues with



    Have you try the new login slug? Usually it will be:

    Add “/login” at the end of your website address. This this how this plugin works, you should read all the instructions before you click the “Save Settings” button.

    Sorry to interrupt. Renaming or deleting the plugin folder is not the good thing to do for this case. It might make thing worse.

    1. I’ve renamed that folder to _plugin-name <- no luck
    2. doenst’ work, says redirect cycle is found
    3. htaccess are clean..
    4. I’ve restored my db from backup keeping old in other database, still no luck

    any other options? damn, ran from attackers, and lost myself into abyss



    You should renamed back the plugin to what is should be. You should not clean the .htaccess, do you still have the copy of it which have been altered by Better WP Security? If no, things will be different.

    You restored the backup, it means now the database is not matching with your files (.htaccess, plugin files, etc) so everything become complicated. Why? Because what you should restore are database and files. I don’t know why this plugin only suggest users to backup database.

    You issue was very simple, by default (if you press the “secure from basic attacks”) it will change your login url to …/login. But now things become very difficult.

    – Do you have a complete backup? Both files and database? You may restored your website but what you need are the complete backup.

    – Do you have a copy of the .htaccess file which just altered by the plugin (after installation)?



    (no response?)

    In many cases this may help you get access back to your website backend:

    Good luck.

    1. I’ve renamed it back.
    2. I told htacess is clean, just ordinary wordpress htacces without any modifications. So plugin did not alter it.
    3. no i have just my db, no files..

    defining old db login config and will let you know how it goes

    Still I get “The page isn’t redirecting properly”

    maybe i could sent serialized options from db? bit51_bwps and bit51_bwps_data ?

    It renamed my wp-login file, so it was not discoverable. As timestamp of the file hasn’t changed, I did not looked over there.

    uff.. “better security my a55”

    @handoko, thank You for Your time and willingness to help me! Good luck mate!



    Have you solve the login issue?

    Yes i did. my wp-login.php was renamed to something else, so I’ve renamed it back and everything worked like a charm..



    Never heard anybody said this plugin will rename wp-login.php. And the author of this plugin did mention the things changed by this plugin are (only):
    – .htaccess file
    – wp-config.php
    – wp-content folder
    – database

    I know you have nightmare with this plugin but if you can make it works you’ll definitely love it, this really is a great security plugin.

    it reanamed it wp-login.1.php and i’m familiar with wp, so i thought this is odd 🙂
    Yeah, just configured it to work perfectly 🙂

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